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“I certainly couldn’t live at home without support, there’s absolutely no question about it. The deterioration in my eyesight and my overall health mean I wouldn’t even want to try and think about being without my home healthcare ladies.”

Lynda’s life is a fascinating one. Emigrating from England, she settled first in the South Island and, by 1986, was living in West Auckland. Then, in 1998, Lynda was involved in a motor accident that left her with a severe back injury and in need of in-home healthcare. Continuing issues related to that injury and deteriorating eyesight to the point of near blindness mean her Visionwest Support Workers remain indispensable.

“My wonderful Visionwest ladies come three days a week. Monday is shopping day and Wednesday is food preparation – my deteriorating vision means I’ve cut myself quite a few times. Friday is more shopping and food preparation, and my bed linen is changed. My back injury means making a bed is impossible so that help is invaluable.”

Lynda is adamant that, not only could she not live at home without the support of Visionwest Home Healthcare, but many others are in the same situation. She believes in-home healthcare is vital, especially to the aging population who are not as mobile as they once were or live with specific disabilities that hamper their ability to complete some tasks. 

Lynda is also quick to point out that there is something about her Support Workers that stands out – that is their kindness. “Every one of my homecare ladies falls into the special category. I think any vulnerable person wants two things, kindness and respect, and that’s what I see in my Support Workers all the time. 

Despite her eyesight, Lynda is an accomplished writer and knitter. She’s had three books published and taught herself to knit from YouTube videos. She makes items for the kaumātua and kuia at the local marae. 

“People often tell me how wonderful it is that I can do the things I do. The reality is, I couldn’t do any of it if it wasn’t that I’m able to live in the comfort and security of my own home. And that’s only possible because of my wonderful Visionwest Support Workers. Despite all that’s not so good with my body, I consider myself a very lucky woman.”


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