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Help create a brighter future for vulnerable families.

Your support will transform lives

We rely on the generosity of donors and funders to carry out this caring work.

If you are able, please support Visionwest today and help build hope for the most vulnerable in our communities. Your gift will enable people impacted by isolation, poverty, and homelessness to receive the support they need to build brighter futures.

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Directly into Visionwest’s Bank Account:
Include your name as a reference and email your details to for a receipt.

Become a Hope Builder

Your regular monthly donation will deliver long-term, life-changing solutions that help transform the lives of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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Join the Visionwest Christmas Club

By making a small, regular donation to the Visionwest Christmas Club, you will give the gift of joy to a struggling family.

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Leave a Legacy of Hope

After ensuring your loved ones are taken care of, a gift in your Will to Visionwest is a powerful way to continue your good work and bring meaning to a life well lived.

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or phone Sarah on 021 11 06 430, or email her at

Vision Wests Pataka Kai Food Service
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Visionwest Community Trust is a registered charity (CC32207). Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible.
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